Getting Started

Conducting clinical research can be a daunting undertaking. From concept to completion, there are numerous areas to navigate. The Clinical Research Hub brings together the Melbourne Children Campus Partners (RCH,MCRI,UoM Department of Paediatrics) to answer your questions in one place so you can get on with doing research on campus. 

This page will help orientate you to all the resources available, and help you answer key questions: 

How do I develop my Research Skills?

Who in my research area can I talk to about my research idea? 

How do I ensure my Research has Impact?

How do I develop my idea into a protocol? 

How do I get funding for my project? 

What approvals do I need? 

How do I recruit participants or access the data I need? 

How do I manage and analyse the data I have? 

How can I get my findings in front of people?

How do I develop my research career? 

What have others done that has or hasn’t work?